Support EC250 With Your Purchase Donations

You can own a piece of Ellicott City history and support the town’s 250th Anniversary Celebration with your purchase donation for our special commemorative items below.

Be among the first to taste Ellicott Distilling Co.’s new PATAPSCO SUPERLATIVE bourbon at the upcoming launch event on NOVEMBER 10. This limited edition will be released in a beautiful commemorative bottle and available at this event for purchase.  Tickets are now on sale.

Our beautiful, handmade collector bank features an authentic post office box door from the original Ellicott City Main Street post office.

CHECK OUT OUR RAFFLE for a beautiful wine rack created from vintage Ellicott City post office boxes. Simply donate to EC250 by purchasing a $10 raffle ticket now. The cabinet is on display at THE WINE BIN on Main Street. The winner will be drawn January 22, 2022.

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