Look Up. Look Down. Look High. Look Low.

George Ellicott, a member of Ellicott City’s founding family, is returning to his
old stomping grounds as Ellicott City’s 250th anniversary draws near. Look for George in town on October 24, 31 and November 8 between noon and 4 pm.

Find him… SNAP A PHOTO, SHARE IT on Facebook with #IFoundGeorgeinEC and TAG @ec250 to enter to win a piece of history!

All photos will be entered into a random drawing to win a beautiful, handmade wooden bank featuring an original PO Box door from Ellicott City’s old Main Street Post Office.

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See What's Happening

Throughout 2022 EC250 Inc., in partnership with participants countywide, will coordinate special celebratory activities and events across Howard County to honor the 250th anniversary of the founding of historic Ellicott City, Maryland.  Planning is under way to bring an assortment of fun, entertaining, and educational activities to both the town and venues across Howard County.
Through historical exhibits and interpretive reenactments, educational curriculum and lectures, special contests, and cultural activities, the stories of the town older than the country itself will come alive. Visitors will experience anew the town built by the Ellicotts “in the hollow” along the Patapsco River.
With pride in the past and a belief in the future the festivities begin Spring 2022! 

*Events subject to change.


It’s been 50 years since the last significant anniversary of the town’s founding — in 1972 we celebrated Ellicott City’s Bicentennial. Does your school, business, community or nonprofit have an event to contribute to Ellicott City’s 250th anniversary? Please submit events below. 

    What is the proper name for a 250th anniversary?

    ___ Sestercentennial

    ___ Semiquincentennial

    ___ Bicenquinquagenary

    (It’s actually ALL of the above.)

    Sestercentennial – To express 2½ in Latin it would be expressed as “half-three”. The term relates to being halfway [from the second] to the third integer. In Latin this is “Sestertius” which is a contraction of semis (halfway) tertius (third)—hence Sestercentennial.

    Semiquincentennial – Probably a modern coined term: semi- (half) × quin (5) × centennial (100 years) = 250 years. Used by Brown University in 2015.

    Bicenquinquagenary – Used by Princeton University in 1996, Reading, Pennsylvania in 1998, and Washington and Lee University in 1999. It is a coined word for an anniversary of 250 years: bi- (2) × cen(t)- (100) + quinquagenary (50 years).